Chimera Commands Index

write options model_number [ filename ]

Write saves the atomic coordinates of the specified molecule model in a file named filename of the specified format. The model_number should not be preceded by #. If filename is omitted, a dialog for specifying the name and location will appear. To save multiple models at once, use the Save PDB or Save Mol2 dialog instead.

Only atomic coordinates are saved, not atomic display status, color, or radius. Non-molecule models (surfaces, VRML models, etc.) are not saved.


format pdb|mol2
Which output file format to use. Files saved in pdb format (default) include HELIX and SHEET records. These reflect the current residue helix/strand assignments (see ksdssp). However, helices are assumed to be of the right-handed alpha type, and information on strands is written as if each were a separate sheet (information on the actual number of sheets and strand register is not included).
Write only the coordinates of selected atoms.
Write only the coordinates of displayed atoms.
relative n
Write coordinates relative to the untransformed coordinates of model n; otherwise, the coordinates will be written as currently transformed. The relative option is useful for preserving the spatial relationship between models. For example, if model 1 has been matched or docked to model 0, saving 1 relative to 0 results in the models being matched or docked in the same way when the model 0 file (original) and the model 1 file (saved relative to 0) are reopened.
If the model contains a trajectory, write all frames that have been read in with MD Movie. Otherwise, only the current frame will be written out.

See also: getcrd, pdbrun, save, export, writesel, Saving Coordinates