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copy [ file filename ] [ format ] [ printer printername ] [ supersample n ] [ raytrace ] [ rtwait ] [ rtclean ]

Copy saves the contents of the graphics window or a raytraced image of the scene to a file. On non-Windows systems only, the image can be sent directly to a printer. The image will have the same pixel dimensions as the graphics window. Subdivision quality may be adjusted automatically.

If the file keyword is given, the image is saved in filename. The format can be specified as ps (PostScript, the default), eps (encapsulated PostScript), png, tiff, or jpeg. If "-" is supplied instead of a filename, a dialog for saving a file will appear.

If the printer keyword is given, PostScript is sent to printername. If "-" is supplied instead of a printer name, the image is sent to the default system printer. The printer option will not work on Windows systems.

If neither file nor printer is specified, a dialog for saving a file will appear.

The raytrace keyword specifies raytracing with POV-Ray rather than saving the contents of the graphics window. Raytracing parameters can be adjusted in the POV-Ray Options preferences. The rtwait keyword indicates further commands should not be executed until POV-Ray has finished generating the image (useful within scripts). In addition to an image, raytracing generates files for POV-Ray containing the scene (*.pov) and the raytracing options (*.ini); the rtclean keyword indicates these two files should be removed after the image has been created. If necessary, the raytracing calculation can be halted by clicking Abort on the POV-Ray progress bar.

When the contents of the graphics window are saved (i.e., when raytracing is not used):

See also: windowsize, preset, export, Save Image, tips on preparing images, raytracing with POV-Ray