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This release was on 6 November 2002: version 1 build 1602.

Download and Installation

Chimera is available free of charge for noncommercial use; please read the licensing information before downloading Chimera.

A Chimera User's Guide is available, as are release notes describing known problems and deficiencies. Please note that we are depending on your feedback to improve Chimera.

To install Chimera, choose from among the following platforms:

Note that only binary distributions of Chimera are available at this time (partly because C++ compilers and runtime libraries are finicky). However, much of this "binary" distribution consists of Python source code. The Chimera software distribution requires approximately 65MB of disk space, plus an additional 25MB for Python and the other prerequisite software. A minimum of 128MB of memory is recommended.


Chimera does not yet provide a deinstallation program. Instead, follow these deinstallation instructions.


Chimera is written in ISO C++, ISO C, and Python; and uses the OpenGL graphics API. It is also built upon several publicly available software packages.

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