Crystal Contacts of Cowpea Mosaic Virus, 2bfu

Tom Goddard
January 6, 2006

Crystal contacts and symmetries calculated and shown using the multiscale tool in Chimera (version 1.2186).

Figure 1: Colored trimeric proteins by crystal symmetry class. Each monomer in the 5-fold axis turret is in a different crystal symmetry class but is given the same color since they are not involved in crystal contacts. Note that under icosahedral symmetry every monomer is identical.

Figure 2: Noncrystallographic symmetric unit.

Figure 3: Crystal unit cell contains two full particles. The one unique contact interface in the crystal is between light and dark blue trimers.

Figure 4: Four different depictions of crystal contact residues shown in red: ribbons, atoms as spheres, low resolution surface, high resolution surface.