The Selection Inspector

The Selection Inspector lists certain attributes of the currently selected items and allows their values to be changed. The Selection Inspector can be opened:

Descriptions in the dialog are not necessarily identical to the attribute names (used in the code and in various commands). See also: attribute inspectors

Items available for inspection:

Write List... brings up a dialog for saving a parsable text file of specifications for the selected items. Write PDB... brings up a dialog for saving the selection as a PDB file. Close dismisses the Selection Inspector, while Help opens this manual page in a browser window.

The descriptions in the Selection Inspector are not necessarily the same as the attribute names. If the selection includes multiple items of the same type and their attribute values vary, “-- multiple --” or “ >1” will be reported for the attribute.

selection inspector Atom attributes are: Bond attributes are: Residue attributes are: Molecule model attributes are: Pseudobond attributes are: Pseudobond group attributes are: MSMS surface attributes are: Surface piece attributes are: Surface (SurfaceModel) attributes are:
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