Chimera/ChimeraX Commercial Licensing

UCSF Chimera and UCSF ChimeraX are each licensed commercially based on a non-exclusive, nontransferable, 3-year license. The two programs are licensed separately. In other words, your company will need to purchase a separate license for each. Their licensing terms, however, are the same.

Licensing costs are based on the number of users per company site:

These fees are per entity and the definition of licensee does not include the company's affiliates or subsidiaries. Each affiliate or subsidiary must acquire a separate license from UCSF. A separate license is also required for different sites of the same company.

License Agreements:
Commercial licensing is handled by a licensing officer in the UCSF Office of Technology Management. If your company is interested in pursuing a license agreement, please contact us at Since the software is provided for a nominal fee compared to similar products on the market, we don’t negotiate changes to the language of the license.

Please provide the following information in your email:

Company Name: 
Company Site Mailing (Street) Address: 
Number of Users: 
Chimera or ChimeraX: 
Primary User Name: 
Primary User Email: 
Accounts Payable Physical Address: 
Accounts Payable email address: 

Payment can be made via bank wire transfer or ACH transfer. Details will be provided as soon as we have your complete information listed above. Confirmation of payment (e.g. a bank confirmation) is required before software access will be granted.

Revised 3-Nov-2020