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Binding Site Similarity

1exp and 1cel
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β-1,4-glycanase (gold, Protein Data Bank entry 1exp) and cellobiohydrolase I (cyan, Protein Data Bank entry 1cel) have different folds but a similar pattern of amino acids near a glucose residue. This possible example of convergent evolution was identifed in Table 5 of:

Russell RB. Detection of protein three-dimensional side-chain patterns: new examples of convergent evolution. J Mol Biol. 279(5):1211-27 (1998).
Image creation: Ribbons were slimmed down from the default scaling using Ribbon Style Editor. The title and other labels were added with 2D Labels. For full details, see the image tutorial Similar Binding Sites and the corresponding command file.

1exp and 1cel, closeup
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