Software Carpentry
The Development Process


You Can Skip This Lecture If...

Design vs. Agility

Project Lifecycle

Step 0: Vision

Step 1: Gathering Requirements

What Requirements Are and Aren't

Step 2: From Requirements to Features

Waterfalls And Why Not

The Spiral Model

Enter the Extremists


Step 3: Analysis & Estimation

Where Estimates Come From

What Goes Into An A&E


What Can Go Wrong with A&Es

Step 4: Prioritization

Step 5: Scheduling

Science Fiction Scheduling

Step 6: Development

Tracking Progress

Burn Rate

Step 7: Finishing

After the Party's Over



Exercise 26.1:

Does your manager know when you expect to complete your current task? How inaccurate the schedule currently is?

Exercise 26.2:

Can you find out when your manager expects you to complete your current task (without asking her directly)? When team members expect to complete their current tasks (without asking them directly)? Who would be affected if you slipped a week?

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