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Gabor PAPAI papai at igbmc.fr
Fri Dec 1 01:28:56 PST 2017

Hi Jianhao,

You have to untick the “cap high values at box faces” to see surfaces bellow 0 threshold. You can find this option in Volume Viewer -> Features -> Surface and Mesh options at the bottom of the panel.

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On 1 Dec 2017, at 4:43 , C.J. <biocjh at gmail.com<mailto:biocjh at gmail.com>> wrote:

Hi specialists,

I have a problem when adjusting the level of a map. If the level > 0, it seemed OK, but when it is less than 0, it showed a solid box. This is different from EMAN2. In EMAN2, the threshold less than 0 also works. I'm not sure whether the defining of level is the same as the threshold in EMAN2. Or is there any other way to show the density of a map as in EMAN2 with threshold less than 0?
Some snapshots of the visualization in both programs are attached to the post.
Thank you!

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