[Chimera-users] Definition of residues involved in binding ligand

Maarten Schledorn m.schledorn at gmail.com
Wed Oct 26 05:56:35 PDT 2016

Dear reader,

I have a pdb file of a protein with bound ADP and the file contains nothing
but atomic coordinates and a few CONECT lines. If I open the file, the
residues involved in binding ADP are shown, but I would like to know how
Chimera knows this. I assume it is some VdW vicinity/overlap perhaps, or
all residues within a certain distance from the ADP molecule, but I would
like to know exactly how it is defined. I have tried to look for it in the
documentation but haven't been successful so far. Does someone know the
answer or a link to where it has been discussed previously?

Many thanks in advance!
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