[Chimera-users] more questions about visualizing the backbone.

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Mon Nov 28 16:02:10 PST 2016

Last week I asked a question regarding about how to visualize the backbone
atoms. I have figured that out. 

I am working with a peptide that forms an amyloid structure.  The peptide
strands form a beta sheet. When I select two of the peptide units that are
hydrogen bonded to form two strands in the beta sheet, the strands are shown
as a coil type structure rather than a flat beta strand.

How can I change the coil backbone to a beta strand structure?
Second part is there a simple way to suppress the side chains but leaving
the backbone atoms?

I have included two peptide units that are hydrogen bonded to one another. 


Arthur G. Szabo
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