[Chimera-users] bond formation

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Fri Aug 26 07:14:56 PDT 2016

I am working with a PDB file that has two proteins  docked together. As this
is a model the two proteins do not have a bond between them. The model
number  is the same for the two chains designated A and B. I have looked
through the various tutorials, functions and tools to figure out how to
actually place a bond between two residues that link the two chains. It is
well established as to how the two proteins would be linked if the bond had
been formed.

The linkage is between the S of a  Cysteine and carbonyl carbon at the
C-terminal of the other  protein. 

I think  I have managed to select both atoms, but cannot determine how  to
include a bond.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Arthur Szabo
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