[Chimera-users] question

A G Szabo agszabo at bell.net
Mon Aug 22 16:25:09 PDT 2016

I recently downloaded the new version of Chimera. No issues with that so

However, when I save a session it is still saved as a Chimera file, or a PYC
file on my desktop.

So when I  went to my desktop file  list, and tried to open one of the
files  I  would click   on "open with ." Two programs would be listed,
Adobe, and Chimera. So I would  select Chimera and the file would open

However, with the new version of Chimera, if I repeat the above,  the only
program that is listed is adobe. If the file type  is listed as  Chimera,
then adobe would be listed, and there would be other programs listed but not
Chimera. I can open the file  in a round about way, but the former way was
more efficient and user friendly.

If I go to my programs  list, there doesn't seem to be  a way that I can
conveniently open the file without first opening up Chimera.

Your comments will be appreciated.

Arthur G.  Szabo
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