[Chimera-users] How to select a plane from the command line

JUAN PABLO REYES VALVERDE reyes_jp at comunidad.unam.mx
Fri Aug 14 15:12:27 PDT 2015

Dear UCSF Chimera Team:

Please, I would much appreciate your advice on the following:

First issue:
Given a number of planes  -  calculated/created through the 'define' command -  I would like to select one of them, with some command entered at the command line  ....  How can I do it?

The reason why I want to select it through the command line, and not by directly by clicking at it at the axes/planes/centroids table, is because later I would like to use the command inside a runCommand statement, in a Python/IDLE script (with *.py extension) ...

Second issue:
By the way, do you think this piece of code could work?
Assume that the desired plane is already selected .... I want to internally handle the plane as   'p1'   in my Python code:

p1= chimera.Plane()
from chimera import selection
p1= selection

or perhaps this single instruction .....
p1= chimera.selection

Let me try to explain:  Within my Python code, I want to have a way to make reference to a plane created by the 'define' command  ( should I call it a ' handle'? ... not sure whether it is the correct term ...).

Well, I hope that I managed to make it sufficiently clear ... Thanks in advance for your kind attention.


Dr. Juan Pablo Reyes Valverde

Laboratorio de Neurobiología Molecular y Celular (D15)
Instituto de Neurobiología UNAM
Campus UNAM Juriquilla
Boulevard Juriquilla 3001
Querétaro, QRO CP 76230

Tel +52 (442) 2381064
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