[Chimera-users] generating a map from a atomic model with the same size of its reference map

李智海 lizhihai at xmu.edu.cn
Mon Apr 13 21:00:14 PDT 2015

here I want to generate a density map from a atomic model in Chimera,  then convert the generating map into .pif file to do as the initial map performing in Auto3dem.
I have met some questions to successfully finish these work.

1.How can I generate a mol-map from a fitting model with identical dimensions, center coordinates and pixel size of its reference map. I have tried to use “Fit in map”, but the generating map differed from its fitted map in the map size.

2. The mrc map created in Chimera has dimension of even number of columns. If I set the column number to odd number, is it ok (for example, if the origin is off by half pixel?). The reason I am asking such a question is that I will convert this mol-map to pif format, and pif format map has dimension of odd number columns. 

Thanks in advanced!

Best wishes!

Zhihai Li

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