[Chimera-users] running chimera on FC20

David Roberts droberts at depauw.edu
Mon Sep 29 12:32:04 PDT 2014

Hi all,

I just did a clean install of FC20 on an AMD dual core system.  I opted for the 32 bit version, as these workstations are used for multiple things (and I find that it’s just easier most of the time, though 64 bit may be where I need to go eventually).

I installed Chimera Version 1.9, Build 39798 on Fedora FC20.  When running chimera, my computer constantly freezes.  Obviously I’m missing something.  I’m not doing anything fancy - I use Zalman monitors connected to generic video cards.

I can run coot fine - I don’t know about ccp4i (it seems to run, but I haven’t challenged it in any way).  As long as Chimera is not running, my computer runs nicely.  I have flash/etc… working fine.

Any thoughts on where I should start here?  This happens on 3 separate systems (that are essentially the same, but not identical clones).  I’m assuming I missed something obvious in the install.



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