[Chimera-users] Chimera 1.8rc 64-bit as Default Application

Dylan J. Bennett dylan.john.bennett at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 08:57:45 PDT 2013

Hi, I am attempting to associate pdb and mol2 file types with Chimera 1.8rc
in Windows 7. I have tried to set it using the right-click>open with...
option in Windows as well as through the control panel. I select the
chimera executable, but it does not seem to accept it as a valid program,
and it returns to the previous screen without adding Chimera to the box for
selection. I know this is not a Windows issue, as I can set other programs
and it works fine. As well, I can set other programs for the mol2 and pdb
file types. Is this a known issue, is there any work around. It's not the
biggest deal, but it would make my life a little easier if I could do this.
It used to work in the past, but just not with the latest version. Thank
you and have a great day!

-Dylan J. Bennett
 Dylan.John.Bennett at Gmail.com
 (914) 621-1149
 Stony Brook University
 dylan.bennett at stonybrook.edu

 New York Medical College
 BSB Room 102
 dylan_bennett at NYMC.edu
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