[Chimera-users] Showing Binding surface

Bobo Dang bbdang at uchicago.edu
Thu Jan 10 14:10:40 PST 2013

Thanks for the explanation, but still one more thing confuse me.

Indeed weather delete waters first then measure buriedArea, or just
use measure buriedArea :.d&protein :.e&protein command gave BaveSAS 349.

But when I use surfcat, I mean I delete waters first.

then use command

surfcat 1 :.d
surf 1

measure surface area of d, I got 2972.6,

I do the same thing for e,

surfcat 2 :.e
surf 2

I got 5504;

then I do that for d,e as one model,

surfcat 3 :.d-e
surf 3

I got 8117.6.

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