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Carol J Hirschmugl cjhirschmugl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 15:47:15 PST 2013


I am new to chimera, but have seen its capabilities for rendering 3D images of complex data sets, 
and  think that this will be an appropriate program for excellent image analysis for my 3D tomography data sets. 

My data sets are in general binary format, (.raw file), 32 float, big endian, x fastest order for an x,y,z 
data set of 128 x 128 x 128 voxels of grey scale information.   I am using AVIZO and FIJI at present.  Avizo 
is expensive, and fiji is slow and reduces the data to 8 bit before rendering it, which I find unacceptable. 

TO move to Chimera - I found the web page in the Users Manual that suggested  

But I am lost by the description of how to proceed since I do not have prior knowledge of python and how to do the mapping to CHIMERA (x,y,z) that is suggested.   
I gather  I need to write a python code - or numpy code maybe. Can you help or provide more context or a self-tutorial link so I can fill in the details?  

Thank you, 

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