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Ruijie Chen spider32123 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 08:36:11 PDT 2013

Dear Sir / Madam:

I am a 3D animation student who recently started to making medical
animation videos, and I found Chimera is a very usefull tool for building
molecules and proteins.

However, there are few things that I don't understand:

1. After I import a .dae file which exported from hemoglobin (PDB: 2hhb), I
found that the color I have set for each ribbon is gone, the one I have got
inside maya is a hemoglobin molecule with one color. And when I want to
select each alpha or beta-globin, I failed to do so because there sometimes
have some polygons from other alpha or beta-globin. Is there a way to solve
these problems?

2. I have tried to export the scene to a .wrl file and convert it to
mayafile via wrl2ma, but when I open the finish converted
maya file it always give me lots of error messages like this :
"Error: file: C:/Users/**/hemo_ribbon.ma line 116: setAttr: Too much data
was provided. The last 173 elements were not used. // "
and this :"// Error: file: C:/Users/**/hemo_ribbon.ma line 13078: setAttr:
Too much data was provided. The last 1193 elements were not used. // "
Is this a problem which happen during the export process of Chimera or some
other reasons?

Looking forward for your reply
Thank you
With kind regards
Ruijie Chen
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