[Chimera-users] IDLE : code completion under MAC OS X

Benjamin SCHWARZ schwarz.ben at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 04:38:29 PDT 2013


    I started to develop simple python/chimera scripts. The manual is rather poor on these aspects (btw, is there a doxygen somewhere ?), and therefore the code completion in the chimera IDLE shell is particularly useful… Unfortunately, on my MAC (OS X), it appears to be messy : the TAB key triggers the usual "completion scrollable list window" on both my windows and linux (debian) machines, but not on my MAC. Note that I am still able to scroll through the "invisible" choices by pressing TAB and then using the up and down arrows, it is just that I cannot see the list, which is a bit annoying to have a clear view at once. I guess this has more something to do with the IDLE configuration than with chimera itself, but I don't know how to dig that up, so if you have any idea how to solve this I'd be pleased to read from it.


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