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Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Thu Feb 2 10:16:16 PST 2012

Hi Gabor,

   Including density maps in session files is in our database of Chimera 
feature requests


I think this is quite useful for making self-contained session files and 
perhaps it will be added sometime in the next 6 months.


> Hi Gabor,
> Session files are mostly self-contained -- if you just had atomic structures and sequence data, they would all be inside the session file, which you could put anywhere.  However, you may be working with volume data such as density maps, which are not included in the session file.
> I tried saving a session and its volume files in the same location (folder), and then moving them all to a different location, but still the same location as each other.  In that case restoring the session worked fine, but the approach requires you to identify which files need to be moved together.
> If the volume data was moved, or the session file moved to a different place than the volume data, you can try to restore the session -- it will ask where to find each volume file it couldn't find already, and you can use the file browser to indicate their locations.  Or, to avoid that you could text-edit the session file (look for "path") to make sure it contains the full correct paths to the volume data locations.  However, I don't know of a quick or automatic way to accomplish this.
> Elaine
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> On Feb 2, 2012, at 7:30 AM, Gabor PAPAI wrote:
>> Dear Chimera team,
>> Is it possible to export a session with all of its files to a different location - for e.g. to a USB flash drive for portability reason? I'd like to open a session saved to a server on an offline computer (during travel). I know that I can do it manually just I'm searching for quick solution.
>> Thank you in advance for the help!
>> Best regards,
>> Gabor
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