[Chimera-users] Measure symmetry helix

Mariam Shirdel mariam.shirdel at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 01:46:46 PST 2012

I'm trying to measure the symmetry of an EM density map to fit a pdb to it
and make several copies. When I run the commands in the command line:  me
sym #0 min 0.89 helix 8.97,-111.86, the result I get is Symmetry EMnew.spi:
Helix C5, rise 8.97, angle -111.9, center 39 39 38, n 30.

The problem is that when I run sym #1 group #0 update true, I get a
pentagon base which goes through the whole helix. I just want the measure
symmetry to give me Helix, without the C5. What are the commands to achieve
this? I tried: sym #1 group c5*h,8.97,-111.86, but it didn't work, and I
don't think that's the correct way for me to do it.

Does anyone know what to do?

Best regards,
Mariam Shirdel
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