[Chimera-users] Ribbon Structures From Gaussian Output

Michael Lodewyk mwlodewyk at ucdavis.edu
Fri Sep 30 14:49:22 PDT 2011

I'm interested in using Chimera to visualize oligopeptide structures
computed with Gaussian09 as ribbon structures... that is I'd like to be able
to render an alpha helix backbone as a ribbon and then select specific
residues/ligands to be rendered as tube or ball & stick models.  While I can
save or convert the Gaussian output file to a variety of formats, they do
not inherently contain the information necessary for such a rendering of the
structure, as one would find in a true .pdb file.
So my question is... Is Chimera the correct place to start for creating such
representations?  If so, can you please point me to any documentation that
would assist me in doing so?
Thank you,
Dr. Michael Lodewyk
Tantillo Group, UC Davis
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