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Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Fri Sep 9 15:35:51 PDT 2011

Hi Camila,

   The command to rotate your models smoothly is called "turn".  Here's 
an example sequence of commands that rotates about the screen vertical 
axis in 3 degree steps for 120 steps (total of 360 degrees), waits for 
that rotation to finish, then writes the movie file m2.mov to your desktop.

     movie record ; turn y 3 120 ; wait 120 ; movie encode output 

These 4 commands separated by semicolons can be typed as one command to 
the Chimera command-line (menu Favorites / Command-line).  More commonly 
I'd put the 4 commands in a file, say movie.cmd, with one command on 
each line (no semi-colons) and just open that file in Chimera (File / 
Open...) to record the movie.  Putting the commands in a file gives you 
more flexibility when you want to add more fancy motions or color 
changes by adding additional commands.

   Take a look at the Chimera movie making tutorial for ideas of 
additional useful commands



Camilla wrote:
> Hi,
> My name is Camilla and I'm an undergrad student at UNC-CH.  I've been 
> using Chimera to create models of fibrinogen polymerization.  I 
> discovered that I could make movies of my models to be able to 
> see them from all views.  However, my videos are very choppy and since 
> I rotate the model by mouse, the movies are very poorly made.  Is 
> there a specific command I could use where I can get the model to 
> rotate 360 degrees by itself to make this movie more smooth and to be 
> able to still see the model all the way around one axis?
> Thank you,
> Camilla
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