[Chimera-users] Large size display system

jens j birktoft birktoft at nyu.edu
Wed Aug 10 11:00:56 PDT 2011

Subject: Large size display system:

I am looking for some advice regarding a presentation system that permit the
display in high definition of  interactive molecular graphic sessions (incl.
Chimera) to our research group (10-12 people).  Ideally we would like a
32"-36" LCD monitor coupled to a computer equipped with the proper graphics
card for the large display as well as 24" monitor
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



Jens J. Birktoft,
Department of Chemistry, New York University
e-mail: birktoft at nyu.edu <mailto:jens.knold at gmail.com>
slow-mail: 350 Central Park West, Suite 9F, New York, NY 10025
Phone: 212-749-5057
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