[Chimera-users] Adjust angle

Thomas Mitterfellner thomas.mitterfellner at tugraz.at
Tue Apr 19 09:55:49 PDT 2011


My question is: it possible not just to measure but to change the angle 
between three atoms (e.g. A1 and A2 fixed, A3 rotated in the plane 
spanned by A1-A2-A3 with radius A2-A3)?

What I really like in Chimera (and miss in other molecular modelling 
software) is the possibility to move/rotate only the atoms selected, 
which is great e.g. for pre-aligning two molecular fragments when 
modelling transition states.

I know chimera is actually rather intended to be used for large 
molecules but it could be a great tool for modifying/building structures 
if only it was easier to modify structural parameters like bond lengths, 
angles and torsions (which I saw is possible).

Kind regards,

Thomas Mitterfellner

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