[Chimera-users] thousands of black rectangles?

Brandt, Gabriel S. gbrandt at jhsph.edu
Tue Oct 5 19:36:02 PDT 2010

Colleagues -

Yesterday, I seem to have acquired a case of the Chimera measles. My proteins are being rendered with spots all over them. When I select any atom, all the spots are selected as well.

I initially thought it was a problem with that particular PDB file, but formerly fine files all seem to have this problem. 

The issue seems like it arose spontaneously - I haven't recently updated any software that I'm aware of.

I was running 1.2470 under X Windows (Mac OS 10.4.11). I downloaded a new version (1.4.1, Aqua) but the problem persists.

Am I being foolish here? Is it simply a setting that I can change?


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