[Chimera-users] Fwd: Re: 3D stereo

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Sat Nov 20 10:56:48 PST 2010

  Hi Nadir,

   I think polarized glasses may be a better choice than active glasses 
even for presentations to 8 people.  I give about a dozen stereo 
presentations per year in a small room that holds about 15 people max.  
We have only 9 pairs of (working) active glasses.  Each time I give a 
presentation I test all 9 pairs of glasses and replace batteries if 
needed.  That's about a 3 minute setup step before every presentation -- 
seems small but it is a pain.  Worse is that I often host groups of 
10-12 people and then it is necessary to share the glasses.   I really 
think the active glasses are a mediocre solution and think we would be 
much better off with 15 pairs of polarized glasses (and the projector 
needed for that).  But I have only used polarized glasses on LCD 
monitors and in movie theaters and am not sure how the quality of the 
stereo compares to active glasses in this small room projection environment.

> Hi Matt,
> Thanks for your input.
> First, I should correct my ealier statement: DepthQ sells Christie's products
> but does not manufacture them.
> > From your mail, I understand that 30 people is the largest audience you can pack
> using the 3D with DepthQ, otherwise correct me please.
> Active stereo glasses 'Xpand' cost around $100, now, but battery replacement can
> indeed become costly over time.
> What sort of tricks have you been able to collect over your 15+ years experience
> to implement stereo correctly.
> I hear elsewhere that the ViewSonic DLP beamer (~$1400) might be a better option
> and that it is worthless spending more money.
> GREG- I also need your input.
> Best,
> Nadir

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