[Chimera-users] Daily build requirements

sherden at caltech.edu sherden at caltech.edu
Wed Mar 31 16:34:26 PDT 2010

  So to get thermal ellipsoids to display from a .cif file (as opposed to
a .pdb) it looks like I need version 1.50 or greater of Chimera, but it
looks like versions of Chimera above 1.4x don't seem to run on my Mac (I
have system 10.4.11).  What OSX system version do I need so that I can
run a version of chimera that I can get thermal ellipsoids to display
from a .cif file?  Or, conversely is there a way I can get one of the
more recent daily builds to run on OSX system 10.4.11?

   --Nat (Nathaniel Sherden)

California Institute of Technology

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