[Chimera-users] animating "HIDE DUST"

odonnell at chem.fsu.edu odonnell at chem.fsu.edu
Fri Jun 11 08:55:46 PDT 2010

Maybe the morph map command could work... Start a recording and Morph  
between two maps, one with dust hidden and the other in its natural  

Quoting Thomas Goddard <goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu>:

> Hi Matt,
>   I assume you mean you want the "dust" to gradually fade out  
> instead of disappear all of a sudden.  I see 3 possible approaches.
>   Most practical: open the two copies of the density map and make  
> two identical surfaces, hide dust on one of them, then fade the  
> other one by making it gradually more transparent (surftransparency  
> command).  Not sure if this will look good or if the non-dust where  
> the transparent and non-transparent surface coincide will look weird.
>   General solution requiring new code.  Would be neat if the Chimera  
> movie command could do cross-fades between two successive frames.  
> Basically you would show the surface with dust, then use "movie fade  
> frames 25", then the next command would hide the dust.  The movie  
> command would simply take the image from before the fade command and  
> the frame drawn immediately after and blend them linearly for a  
> specified number images.  Would be not too hard to implement and  
> would enable doing all kinds of cross-fades.
>   Specific solution requiring new code.  The current hide dust turns  
> of display of the surface triangles making up the dust.  A modified  
> version of that could instead change the color transparency of the  
> dust.  There is no command for hide dust (just a dialog) and this  
> new command would probably be an option to the "sop" (surface  
> operation) command.
>   I'm interested in implementing both of the above coding solutions  
> but have many other things to work on.  I'll add those ideas to the  
> Chimera request list.
> 	Tom
>> Hi,
>> I was trying to generate an animation transition using the HIDE  
>> DUST feature.  Any suggestions on how to do it (e.g., chimera  
>> command, python, etc)?
>> thanks, Matt
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