[Chimera-users] variable surface visualization

Zambonelli, Carlo carlo.zambonelli at novartis.com
Wed Feb 24 19:31:31 PST 2010

Dear All,
I am working with a glycoprotein structure and I want to visualize the
protein surface as a continuum with the glycans sticking out as sticks.
If I visualize the surface of the whole molecule (including sugars), and
then I select the sugars only and visualize them as sticks, the surface
of the amino acids immediately connected to the sugar (Asn) appear to be
clipped. One solution could be to the following:
1. save the model with a different name
2. load the 2 identical structures and align them
3. remove the sugars from one structure only and use it to visualize the
4. the second structure is used for visualizing the sugars and not the
I used to do something similar with Pymol, and it should work with
Chimera as well, but I am sure there is a better/simpler solution.
Any suggestion?
Thank you for your help.
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