[Chimera-users] Defining planes & Thermal ellipsoids

David Chenoweth dcheno at MIT.EDU
Sat Feb 20 07:07:15 PST 2010

Thanks so much for adding the define plane and define centroid  
features. Is there any way to add the option of defining the border of  
the plane as a polygon where the selected atoms define the polygon  
vertices? This would allow a plane in the shape of a hexagon or any  
other heterocycle to be inset inside of an aromatic ring for example  
without the edges of the plane being visible outside the bond enclosed  
area.  Also, the thermal ellipsoid feature looks fantastic, however  
the probability setting doesn't seem to be functioning.

Thanks again for adding all these features,

David Chenoweth
NIH Postdoctoral Fellow
Swager Research Group
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Chemistry Department, 18-053
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Email: dcheno at mit.edu
Lab Phone: 617-258-6537

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