[Chimera-users] help with raytrace

Corey Fugate fugate at hawaii.edu
Fri Nov 13 13:12:24 PST 2009

I am trying to improve image quality using the raytrace option.  The  
script is below -

reset view_1
movie record directory /Users/fugate/Desktop pattern partA_* fformat  
png raytrace true
wait 15
delete :.B
move x 1.25 15;wait
wait 15
movie stop

Everything works fine without "raytrace true".  I should note that I  
do not have the movie encode command because I want to have the  
individual images ( for a larger Flash project).  When I compare the  
raytrace true images produced from the script to an image generated  
using the "save image" option under the File menu setting "raytrace  
with POV" to true.

		Am I missing something?


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