[Chimera-users] Supersample

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue May 26 15:45:06 PDT 2009

Hi Hernando,

  Your example script contains no "wait" command so I'd expect the 
resulting movie to have 0 (or maybe 1) frame.  Not sure how that could 
work with or without the supersample option.

  Here's a recent movie making tutorial with plenty of examples of the 
"wait" command.


  I guess you know the above if you get correct movies without the 
supersample option.  So your problem sounds like a bug in supersample 
image saving.  If you use File / Save Image with supersample 3x3 is the 
resulting image correct?  If not you should use Help / Report a Bug... 
to report the problem, and attach the incorrect image.  We have changed 
how image saving workings so that it does not capture directly from the 
screen (that old method had problems with overlapping windows appearing 
in the image).  The new code in daily builds may have bugs or it may be 
a problem with your graphics driver.

  I tested the May 25 daily build on a Mac and it correctly recorded a 
supersampled movie using a script like yours with "wait" added before 
"movie stop".


hsosa at aecom.yu.edu wrote:
>  When using using supersample > 1  to record a movie the movies are not 
> saved correctly (black or random color images)
>  In the command script below the saved movies are OK if  the option  
> supersample 3 is eliminated   and wrong if included.
> reset p1
> movie record supersample 3
> reset p2
> reset p8 10
> movie stop
> movie encode output test2.avi mformat avi
> I'm I doing something wrong ?.
> I'm running the daily build version of Chimera  (May 25).
> Thanks
> Hernando

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