[Chimera-users] volume filtering

Thomas C. Marlovits marlovits at imp.ac.at
Tue May 5 13:34:45 PDT 2009


I am trying to look for the various filtering options as descibed on  
the Chimera webpage (guide to volume data display).  Indicated are  
Gaussian filtering, Fourier filter, Hide dust, etc ... unfortunately,  
I can only find the Gaussian filter option under TOOLS/VOLUME DATA   
but cannot find the others ... can you point me to these other  
options, in particular the Fourier filter ?  (am using version 1.3 !)


Thomas C. Marlovits, PhD, M.A.S.
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	- Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP)
	- Institute of Molecular Biotechnology, Austrian Academy of Sciences  

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Austria, Europe

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