[Chimera-users] Chimera does not always recognise atom name in PDB ATOM records

Christian Schudoma schudoma at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Thu Mar 19 06:49:07 PDT 2009

Thanks Elaine and Eric, for your quick replies and clarification.
Nevertheless, the "element column override" (s. below) doesn't work for 
me, regardless of where in the element record I place a single-character 
element symbol (neither placing it in column 77 nor in 78).

Best regards,

Eric Pettersen wrote:
> To supplement what Elaine said, without the column-positioning of the 
> atom name it would be impossible to distinguish a carbon alpha (CA) 
> from a calcium (CA).  Though if you provide the element symbol in 
> columns 77-78 then the atom name will be ignored for determining the 
> element.
> --Eric

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