[Chimera-users] Saving image and rendering

Eric Pettersen pett at cgl.ucsf.edu
Tue Jun 23 10:27:44 PDT 2009

On Jun 22, 2009, at 4:26 PM, Kenward Vaughan wrote:

> On Mon, 2009-06-22 at 18:53 -0400, Ibrahim Moustafa wrote:
>> Dear Chimera team,
>>   Recently, I have some trouble saving images with POV-RAY option
>> “true”. The process of rendering is too slow (both on the mac and
>> windows version).
>> To give the feeling of how slow: rendering an image with 1700 lines
>> takes 7 hrs (with quality 9 in pov-ray options) and 2 hrs (quality  
>> 5).
>> I used to get the images rendered much faster than that (with older
>> versions; however, I’m not exactly sure of when I started to see such
>> a slow rendering behavior).
> ...
> I have seen the same behavior.  I want to create some images for  
> posters
> in my lab, but the time has gone up roughly 7 to 10 fold for images at
> the same settings as before.

As per my recent mail to Ibrahim, try increasing the "Antialias  
threshold" to 1.0 or even higher.

> An additional problem is that 2D label letters are not properly
> rendered, with the result looking like the letters have lost their  
> tops,
> being sliced off at a slanting angle.  There is scattered "debris" as
> well in the images.

I have not seen this behavior.  2D labels look fine in the images I  
rendered.  Does this happen on just one machine?  Please use the  
"Report a Bug" menu item to send in a bug report so that we can find  
out the details of the system you're using.


                         Eric Pettersen
                         UCSF Computer Graphics Lab

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