[Chimera-users] Saving image and rendering

Ibrahim Moustafa I.moustafa at psu.edu
Mon Jun 22 15:53:10 PDT 2009

Dear Chimera team,

   Recently, I have some trouble saving images with POV-RAY option ³true².
The process of rendering is too slow (both on the mac and windows version).
To give the feeling of how slow: rendering an image with 1700 lines takes 7
hrs (with quality 9 in pov-ray options) and 2 hrs (quality 5). I used to get
the images rendered much faster than that (with older versions; however, I¹m
not exactly sure of when I started to see such a slow rendering behavior).

   There is another related problem but only with the windows version: If I
want to save an image, with depth cue, using the fast mode (POV-RAY false),
the image output lacks any depth used in the model, with poor quality and
darker than it should be. Somehow, the camera orientation is messed. In
addition, the depth cue will be no longer available for the rest of the
session (I have to restart over again). To get the depth cue I want, I need
to turn the POV-RAY option ³true²....but then too slow to create a good

   I¹d appreciate any comment or explanation from Chimera people; and what
is the best way to overcome this problem?

P.S. I have the PPC version for the MAC running OSX 10.4; the PC running
Windows XP.

  Many thanks in advance for your help.



Ibrahim M. Moustafa, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dept.
201 Althouse Lab., University Park,
Pennsylvania State University
PA 16802

Tel. (814) 863-8703
Fax (814) 865-7927

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