[Chimera-users] thermal ellipsoids

David Chenoweth dchen at caltech.edu
Wed Jul 8 08:29:05 PDT 2009

Eric and Elaine,

The display of axes and major ellipses as well as a probability-level- 
to-scaling-factor calculator will be a great addition to Chimera and I  
think more small molecule people and Organic chemists will start to  
use the program. I'm really excited about this feature being added to  
Chimera and I wanted to pass along some ideas for displaying the axes  
as well as octants. The program RASTEP (Raster3D Thermal Ellipsoid  
Program) has some very nice rendering features that would be great  
options to have in chimera. I attached an example below.

Thanks to the Chimera team for working on this feature,
Dave Chenoweth

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