[Chimera-users] marker coordinates

Gabor Papai papai at igbmc.fr
Mon Jan 26 04:43:00 PST 2009


I would like to do the following: I placed markers on density spots. I 
want to get their coordinates and excise a box around the marked density 
and save it as a separate file. For this I would like to know how I can 
retrieve the coordinates of a marker set and possibly how to position 
exactly a box around a  marker to set a subregion (and of course how to 
set the dimensions of that box). This second feature existed before, but 
disappeared in the latest releases with the subregion selection tool in 
the Volume Viewer.
Thanks in advance,

Gabor Papai
Department of Structural Biology and Genomics
1, rue Laurent Fries, BP 10142
67404 Illkirch, France
phone  +33-3-88655748
Fax +33-3-88653201
E-mail: papai at igbmc.u-strasbg.fr

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