[Chimera-users] loading atomic coordinates without drawing or calculating bonds

Veysel Berk vberk at berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 5 02:49:52 PDT 2009


I am trying to load a large atomic coordinates file in xyz format. The
atomic coordinates are meaningless to crystallography in terms of distances
of atoms and as a result, while chimera try to load the coordinate and
calculate the bonding between atoms, it crashes or suspends for ever. The
data is from single molecule localization experiments where I want to use
chimera to visualize this 3D data by treating each localization as an atom.
I am trying to load about a million atoms.

Is it possible to turn off automatic bonding calculations and only show
atoms without bonds to prevent crashing? or does anyone know any simple
method or software to convert atomic coordinates into voxel map which I can
use in volume visualizer module of chimera without worrying about bond

Thanks in advance,


Veysel Berk
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