[Chimera-users] Help Installing Chimera in Ubunty Hardy already read and google a lot.

Randy Heiland heiland at indiana.edu
Fri May 30 05:05:39 PDT 2008


The only thing I did to install on my Ubuntu was:

chmod +x chimera-xxx.exe
sudo ./chimera-xxx.exe


On May 30, 2008, at 4:30 AM, A00775435 at itesm.mx wrote:

> Hi, Im a long time user of Chimera, but now I changed XP for Ubuntu  
> for
> 6 gb of ram that couldn't be used in XP 32 bits. I need help  
> installing
> Linux version of Chimera, I have read and goggled web for  
> instructions,
> and none of them seems to work, I run .exe in terminal (knowing linux
> doesn't use .exe i find this confusing) and nothing happens, I try  
> that
> Chmod command and running again and nothing too... Im a really  
> beginner
> here in linux, also browsed Ubuntu forums for help and at least till
> today have got no answer. All help would be greatly appreciated.
> sincerely,
> David Bulnes Abundis
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