[Chimera-users] segmentation fault - surface rendering

Michael DiMattia dimattia at ufl.edu
Thu Mar 13 11:37:59 PDT 2008

Hello, I am trying to surface render a few different proteins within the
same Chimera session and I keep encountering a segmentation faullt.  I
imagine this is due to a memory limit being reached, although I do not know
if it is a Chimera parameter that can be increased/overriden.  Instead of
having the different macromolecules in the same pdb, I have actually split
it up into many pdbs and opened them one at a time, surface rendering one at
a time.  This worked for awhile but it seems I can't even get that far now.

Any advice or tips on what I can do?

I realize surface rendering is very computationally intensive but I would
love to get this to work!


Mike DiMattia
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