[Chimera-users] using EMAN/AIRS/SSEHunter

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 6 11:37:29 PST 2008

Hi Jan and Peter,

  Matt Baker wrote the AIRs code that interfaces EMAN with Chimera.  I'm 
not sure if he maintains the code and I don't think he reads the Chimera 
users mailing list.  I'll send you his email address separately.

  The EMAN 1.8 Chimera extensions do not work with Chimera version 
1.2470.  That EMAN code is too old and not compatible with some changes 
made in newer Chimera versions.  But EMAN 1.8 is the most recent stable 
version (of EMAN 1).  One idea is to use an older Chimera version -- I 
recommend Chimera version 1.2422.  Another approach is to get a newer 
EMAN -- a nightly build.  I tried the EMAN nightly build for MacOS but 
it appears to date from April 2006 -- even older than EMAN 1.8.  I tried 
the nightly EMAN source code.  All of the Chimera extensions are written 
in Python (but the call the EMAN binaries) so they can be used from the 
source code copy (no compilation is needed).  This has more recent AIRs 
code than EMAN 1.8.  You can select the MRC map in the SSEHunter tool 
but it fails with another error message.

  I think you will have to use an older Chimera version or contact Matt 
Baker at NCMI to see if code that works with current Chimera versions is 


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