[Chimera-users] Movie contains overlapping windows

Tom Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Jul 21 19:55:26 PDT 2008

Hi Jean-Paul,

  Yes movie recording will include windows that overlap the Chimera 
graphics window.  This is an unfortunate limitation of the Chimera image 
saving caused by it capturing images directly from the screen.  On some 
platforms an overlapped window may not appear because the contents of 
the graphics window are saved even when another window overlaps.  But 
that is not the case on most platforms.  So in most cases the machine 
cannot be used for other purposes when a movie rendering is in 
progress.  We have been interested in eliminating this limitation for 
some years but Greg Couch who handles image capture has not had time to 
get to it,

  If you use raytracing for the movie capture then it does not matter if 
the Chimera window is covered.  But raytracing takes much longer to render.


Jean-Paul Armache wrote:
> Hello again,
> I re-checked the spider loading, and now it seems to work. I don't 
> know why it did not previously.
> I have another question though. I have two versions of Chimera on my 
> computer now. I am using Chimera X Window to generate movies,
> because in respect to the Aqua version, if I start another application 
> (like Keynote, web browser etc), the movie does not contain any parts of
> the screen on top of it.
> If I use the Aqua version (and on Linux is the same), it includes the 
> currently on-top graphics into the movie. Is there a way to not do so in
> Aqua?
> Best regards,
> Jean-Paul Armache

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