[Chimera-users] distance measurements on surfaces

Daniel Hautzinger dh at spamfence.net
Thu Jul 10 16:42:36 PDT 2008

Dear all,

from the Volume Visualization Tour, I discovered the topography  
command that now allows me to dsiplay atomic force microscopy data  
(basically bitmap images with grey scales representing height). In  
that way I got some very nice images. I also found out how to scale  
the voxel size, so the scale of the structures should be correct. To  
test this, and to be able to add some length markers, I wanted to  
measure distances on the surface generated by the topography command.  
But while that seems possible for volume data (by setting markers), I  
had no success with the surface representation of my data nor the  
original image (which is handled as kind of a volume, but a single  
slice) when it came to setting markers or measuring distances in  
another way. Did I miss anything, or is that just not possible? I am  
using build number 2509, because of the topography feature. Setting  
markers is described as working by setting the marker in the first  
maximum in the line of sight at the click position. For surfaces, you  
could just take the position of the visible pixel clicked. Or maybe it  
is possible to convert surfaces to volumes?

Thank you for your help

Daniel Hautzinger

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