[Chimera-users] graphics performance: amira v. chimera

Matthew Dougherty matthewd at bcm.edu
Wed Jul 2 15:34:28 PDT 2008

I loaded a MRC file, isosurfaced it, gave it a transparency around  
0.48, and generated a vrml in chimera.
I loaded the vrml into amira.

initial comparison:
I reloaded the vrml into chimera, I turned off the fog on chimera,  
moving the object around the refresh rate seems to be around 8 fps.
On amira it seems to be around 24fps.

The graphics on Chimera seems to be better during the rotation of  
transparent objects:
full rotation in chimera is flawless,
full rotation in amira results in flipping of the object (vertices in  
back quantum-ly jump to the front, front vertices go to back, looks  
like a z buffer error) periodically at 180 degrees, making it useless  
for many camera positions.

Any comments or suggestions?

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