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hsosa at aecom.yu.edu hsosa at aecom.yu.edu
Fri Jan 25 14:54:58 PST 2008

Thanks a lot  now it works.

Tom Goddard wrote:
> Hi Hernando,
>  You have it almost exactly right except one detail.  The origin of 
> your map as shown in the volume dialog Coordinates panel should be 
> -300 -300 0.  This says to place the corner of the map (grid index 
> 0,0,0) at xyz position (-300,-300,0) which in turn makes the center of 
> the map (grid index 75,75,75) at (0,0,300) since the grid plane 
> spacing is 4.  Fit your one copy into the map with this map origin, 
> save PDB relative to map, edit helical symmetries into PDB file 
> (rotating about z axis through 0,0,0), reload that PDB, and use the 
> sym command and it will work.
>  In the future Chimera will have a tool so you can specify helical 
> symmetry (pitch and axis) and avoid the file editing step.
>    Tom

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