[Chimera-users] Chimera batch surface exporter

Trent Grover razilon at iastate.edu
Wed Jan 23 08:32:38 PST 2008

Hi Everyone,

I'm pretty new to Chimera, but I'm working on an animation project 
that requires quite a few proteins and molecules.  To speed up the 
process, I'd like to create a batch converter/exporter script to do 
the following:

Open a PDB file
Generate a multiscale model at a specified resolution
Export the model out as a VRML or OBJ file

I think I can do this using a Chimera command file, but I was hoping 
someone could point me in the right direction for some of the 
relevant command line syntax.  Is it possible to control the 
multiscale model tool via command line (I know I can launch the 
dialog, but can I change the parameters and execute)?  Is there a 
reference somewhere for the command line parameters for the 
multiscale models tool?  What is the command line export 
command?  Where can I find an OBJ exporter (there are references to 
it in the mailing list archive)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


BTW - I have a suggestion for improvement of Chimera.  Add a command 
history window (or modify the existing one) that echoes out the 
command line text that is equivalent to any command executed via the 
Chimera user interface.  Maya has this functionality and it is 
wonderful for anyone who is trying to figure out how to script a 
process that they know how to execute via the various menus.

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